Privacy Policies

Siam Wellness Group Public Company Limited and it affiliates (now referred to as "Consortium") realize the important of Privacy Data Protection according to the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (now referred to as "PDPA")

"Consortium" refers to the Siam Wellness Group Public Company Limited and it affiliates in Thailand which are Siam Wellness Lab Company Limited and Siam Wellness Resort Company Limited

Due to PDPA coming into force on the date of 1 June 2022 onward. The Consortium is currently in the process of preparing for the PDPA. However, for individuals who wish to register to WellnessMe, while the PDPA is yet to come into effect the Consortium will make an effort to compete with the PDPA in terms of data gathering, data processing and data publication. The Consortium will only use data in accordance with the objectives of the WellnessMe program.

The consortium will gather the necessary data to register WellnessMe including First Name, Last Name, Age, Date of Birth, Address, Phone number and Email directly from customer via Offline Channel (Storefront) or Online Channel (Website or Application) or Existing Customer Data. The Data to be collected, processed or published during the customer usage of WellnessMe including not limited to service history and product purchase history.

The collected data will be used throughout the duration of membership or for the duration that must comply with the agreements entered into with members or for the benefit of the Consortium legitimate interests.

The Consortium hereby notify you and be aware of the impact of not providing the data required. The Consortium may not proceed with membership registration and therefore be eligible for the privilege.

The Consortium reserves the right to adjust this Privacy Policy to comply with the change of PDPA should it occur. The adjustment to the Policy will be notified to members in an appropriate channel.